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About us


About us

Taking care of the proper development and health of the child, it is worth providing them with a properly balanced diet, full of vitamins and minerals without unnecessary dyes and preservatives. In the interests of our youngest, Healthy Little Tummy has created an offer with the best, safe and ecological products so that every toddler can enjoy their childhood.
We have the right match tastes without sugar, healthy, organic cereal porridges for the whole family and many natural products without unnecessary preservatives and dyes.

Welcome to our online store 🙂

Why we?

We understand how important the role of nutrition is in order to maintain health. Healthy Little Tummy is a small family shop, so you can be sure that we treat everyone’s needs individually. We put emphasis on offering products of the highest quality at the most attractive price. We are constantly trying to expand our offer. We are open to new products and we are happy to introduce them for sale.